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About one third of the population lives with one or more chronic conditions. Many of these diseases are treated with drugs that have negative side effects and cause addiction.

MeloCura offers an easy and accessible sound therapy solution, with specially designed and validated sound therapy treatments that enables you to heal faster and stay healthy.
MeloCura sound therapy treatments raise the body's cells to a super-healing state, rebuild tissue, repairing and regenerating the cells, and creates hormone balance.
MeloCura Sound Therapy is a painless and non-invasive treatment, with no risk of side effects, overdose or dependency.

MeloCura Sound Therapy has achieved leading validated evidence as a highly effective treatment and we have helped thousands of people get their lives back after many years of treatment with traditional drugs.
Our Sound therapy treatments are tested and validated through several studies conducted by leading doctors and neurological specialists.

We can remedy the following areas

MC Main - All Balancing

Stress Relief

Tensions relief

Pain Relief

Better Sleep






Sports Optimizer

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13. december 2018

PROJECT: Treatment of resting muscle tension through transdermal sound waves of specific wavelengths

16. marts 2017

Korean-Danish companies create innovative sound therapy solution based on neuro-science

Geomc, well known to Korean consumers for its MC Square and other neuro-science based products, has collaborated with Danish sound specialist AUDIOWISE for this new technology […]

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