PROJECT: Treatment of resting muscle tension through transdermal sound waves of specific wavelengths

After several pre-clinical trials in Denmark and South Korea, the company MeloCura Institute of Sound Therapy has received positive results from their special audio therapy.

MeloCura - Institute of Sound Therapy has conducted an Audio Therapy study, in collaboration with Dr Adrian Harrison and Aalborg University in Denmark. The project was founded by the Danish Sound Network. The target group was subjects with stress and chronic disorders such as tension, whiplash and pain.

Dr. Adrian Harrison has developed AMG (Acoustic MyoGraphy) that allows measurement of muscle movement and muscle function during physical activity. The theory behind AMG measurements have been known for a long time, but CURO-Diagnostic ApS are the first to develop equipment that is able to register and record a smooth noise signal from muscles. The signal reveals how strongly, coordinated and efficiently muscles work during physical activity.

Based on the AMG measurements, one can conclude that MeloCura's sound frequencies affect the brain in a positive way. Results are shown a significant improvement in muscle function i.e. coordination and efficiency.

Founder of MeloCura Jonniy Sårde says "We have performed several tests, for example in Korea with the Easy Brain Center at Seoul National University, where EEG and HRV were measured with positive results. Then we wanted to go even deeper to see what it really meant physiologically. With AMG and Impedance measurements, we can give a concrete picture of what is happening in the body regarding the effects of MeloCura Audio Therapy, and we can see significant improvements after only one treatment of MeloCura. In addition, we've even compared MeloCura with ordinary relaxing music and there were no effects on the same parameters. "

Results of the study

• Melocura is a pain-free and non-invasive form of sound treatment without apparent side-effects
• A significant effect of a single Melocura treatment for 40 min., was found on muscle function – improved coordination
• The AMG muscle function data support the EEG findings of an independent study from Korea with Easy Brain Centre, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.
• Melocura effects could be of use potentially for a number of reported conditions e.g. Stress and anxiety related tensions, injuries, Cerbral Palsy, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson´s Disease.
• Melocura appears to have its principle effect through central rather than peripheral regulation of muscle function

Conclusion: Sound therapy of a certain frequency (Melocura) has a positive effect on muscle coordination and efficiency, measured by AMG and expressed in terms of the E-score. It is concluded that just one treatment of MeloCura for 40 minutes is showing clear improvements in muscle function, muscle coordination and efficiency. In contrast, Normal Relaxing Music had no proven effect on these same parameters.

MeloCura Sound therapy works on both symptoms and healing the cause. MeloCura strives to develop products that can increase the quality of life for modern man, which can provide a natural form of therapeutic relief that does not bear the risk of drug abuse or overdose in the user.

We know from the National Board of Health in Denmark, that "About one third of the population lives with one or more chronic diseases." This means that the health service and society are facing an important task. It consists partly of efforts to prevent the emergence of chronic diseases in the general population and efforts aimed at against those at particular risk. It also consists in tracing, treating and rehabilitating people who become ill. "MeloCura Solution is a strong tool in the battle of chronic related diseases.
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