MeloCura is a unique combination of frequencies that creates a natural rehabilitation and healing solution for your brain and body.

Based on a unique frequency chart of the body's organs and associated medians, MeloCura has developed a unique formula that combines several bodily frequencies that work simultaneously to balance and restore the brain and body and activate your inner healing potential.
No bindings - Treatment expires automatically after one month.

MeloCura Private App is now available for IOS Apple users

You can scan the code below and go directly to the app or press the link. We now offer 1 month Free trial on all our treatments in the Improve app.

Why use MeloCura

• Stress Relief - Decreases cortisol and pulse
• Better Sleep - Increases melatonin /sleep hormone production
• Tension Relief - Increase of Muscle function, Muscle coordination and efficacy
• Pain Relief - Removes pain
• Sports Optimizer - Increases stamina, energy levels and muscle functionality
• Removes inflammation and detoxes your body
• Brain balancing- Via brain waves MeloCura balances the brain activation areas

What to Expect

• Improvement of your immune system by 33% after the first treatment.
• Improvement of your body’s muscle function, muscle coordination and efficiency.
• No drugs, and with no side-effects.
• Painless and non-invasive.
• Customized treatment for your specific illness.
• It’s as easy as pressing Play and listening to 40 minutes of specially tuned audio track.
• Can be used with normal headphones, speakers, or special Bone Conductors.
• For optimal effect you need to use MeloCura Therapy for 2-4 weeks.

How to use MeloCura Frequency Therapy

You can listen to MeloCura Frequency Therapy anywhere and anytime. The best results are achieved by listening via bone conducters or headphones in a calm and relaxed state. We recommend that you listen to the entire treatment (30-40 min) once a day for 4 weeks, and that you listen with low volume. It is important to remember to drink plenty of water after each treatment.

For optimal effect you need to use MeloCura Therapy for 2-4 weeks.

WARNING: All MeloCura Treatments are tuned in special tuning. If you try to copy or record the MeloCura sound files tuning will automatically be changed removing the positive effects of the treatments and can also be directly damaging to use.


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