Next-level sound frequencies for relief and healing of your body and mind

A unique combination of positive frequencies delivered in targeted sound streams that help bring strength, energy, relief, and healing.


Improves your body's resilience

Builds your resilience to stress and other chronic conditions so you can sleep better, heal and recover faster, and stay focused and energized, using science-backed sound frequencies.

Easy to use

Just connect and begin the rejuvenation process, whether you are relaxing or going about your daily tasks. Brings you relief within 40 minutes with the freedom to listen anywhere, at any time.

Consistent use

Just like when you embark on a healthy eating or exercise regime, or start taking specific vitamins and supplements, adopting a regular routine gives the best results.

Select the sound streams that benefit you

There are sound streams to help you optimise nearly every aspect of your life and alleviate symptoms that stop you from thriving. Choose the ones that address your specific needs.

Clinical and scientific studies

Has been validated in clinical and scientific studies over the last five years.

A sound stream for every situation


Health & Wellness

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Pain Relief

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Pre-Sleep and Deep Sleep Optimizers

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Stress Relief

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Cognition & Focus

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Muscle Recovery

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Workout Optimizer

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Energy Enhancer

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PMS Relief

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Libido Enhancer

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What to expect when downloading the MeloKura App

MeloKura has created a range of sound streams for the optimization of nearly every aspect of your life as well as for the alleviation of symptoms of a range of debilitating conditions. At MeloKura, we want you to be healthy and happy, thriving no matter what life throws at you!

To download the MeloKura App, press here for iOS and here for Android.

Once you have downloaded the MeloKura App, you can choose the sound streams that you wish to purchase.

If you wish to cancel a sound stream subscription at any time, it is very simple and there are no hidden catches.

You can choose to listen to the MeloKura sound streams whilst connected to the internet, or, by downloading the relevant sound stream locally, so that you do not need to remain online.

Data specifications:

Platform: Android and iOS tablet and mobile devices
Size: 5 MB + the size of any sound streams, if downloaded
Payment: Shop in App with option to purchase single sound streams
Cancellation: At any time and with no hidden catches


$3.00Per month

One Treatment

Why use MeloCura?

Benefits of using MeloCura

MeloCura brings science-backed frequency sound streams where users have experienced a wide range of benefits, including improved muscle function and coordination, relief from pain, stress, and tension, as well as improved sleep, focus, energy, and libido. All of these benefits can be achieved without the use of drugs or invasive procedures.

We are aware that the world is made up of frequencies, but MeloCura has taken this to the next level and mastered how to use frequencies to help the body and mind recover, heal, and get stronger.

How to use MeloCura

It's easy – just connect and begin the rejuvenation process. You can listen via speakers, bone conductors or ordinary headphones, even while watching TV or listening to music. For best results, use the sound streams for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily for a minimum of four weeks.

MeloCura is effortless

The magic behind MeloCura is that it is so simple. You can optimise your life in a multitude of ways, simply by selecting the appropriate sound stream and pressing play! There is no need to cut out time from your busy schedule, MeloCura can be used when you are going about your daily tasks. This has been a key factor for the success of MeloCura, we all know how difficult it can be to find the time to incorporate a new thing into our lives, no matter how much promise it offers!

What Is Frequency Sound?


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Is there anything that I need to do before or after using MeloCura?

Remember to stay well hydrated and drink Kure Oxygen before and after treatments to allow toxins to wash out.

How long and how often should I use MeloCura?

We suggest a minimum of 30 minutes a day, but many of our users play several MeloCura sound streams per day. Remember that more is not necessarily more and apart from the Pain sound stream, which can be played for as long as the pain persists, we don’t recommend that you play any stream more than once a day. MeloCura is a great way to start your day or can be played whilst working or taking a break, going for a walk or exercising and many use MeloCura to wind down before bed. To achieve the best quality sleep, play Pre-Sleep during the evening and Deep Sleep once you have gone to bed.

Do I have to use headphones?

It’s fine to play MeloCura through your phone or via a speaker, but a lot of the ‘secret sauce’ in the sound streams will work better with headphones on. Many MeloCura users prefer to use bone-conductor headphones as this allows you to carry on other tasks whilst listening. So, for the best impact, we recommend that you use headphones or at least plug your phone, tablet or computer to a set of speakers. Some people use a pillow speaker when listening to the sound streams in bed, but an ordinary speaker will do.

Do I have to play MeloCura at high volume for it to work?

It is not necessary to play the streams at a high volume. Your body responds to the frequencies, however subtle they appear when played. Some of our users find it difficult to sleep if the Deep Sleep stream is played too loudly. This is not necessary in order for it to work. It can be played on a very low volume so that you barely notice it.

Will MeloCura be producing new soundstreams?

At MeloCura, we are constantly developing new sound streams to meet a number of different needs. There will be new sound streams becoming available over the months to make sure that there is always something new and exciting to explore. We are also working on all kinds of refinements to make sure that you get the best possible experience and outcome! Stay tuned!

The MeloCura sound stream stops before the track has finished. What do I do?

Check your settings. Switch OFF Hibernation Mode on your phone or tablet.

I have pet(s) who are with me when I play MeloCura, is that ok?

It is perfectly fine for pets to listen to MeloCura, in fact, you are likely to notice that they enjoy it and benefit from it. Pets are more “in tune” than we are, so if they feel they have had enough, they will leave.

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