MeloCura is a unique combination of frequencies that creates a natural rehabilitation and healing solution for your brain and body.

Based on a unique frequency chart of the body's organs and associated medians, MeloCura has developed a unique formula that combines several bodily frequencies that work simultaneously to balance and restore the brain and body and activate your inner healing potential.
No bindings - Treatment expires automatically after one month.

Why use MeloCura

• Stress Relief - Decreases cortisol and pulse
• Better Sleep - Increases melatonin /sleep hormone production
• Tension Relief - Increase of Muscle function, Muscle coordination and efficacy
• Pain Relief - Removes pain
• Sports Optimizer - Increases stamina, energy levels and muscle functionality
• Removes inflammation and detoxes your body
• Brain balancing- Via brain waves MeloCura balances the brain activation areas

What to Expect

• Improvement of your immune system by 33% after the first treatment.
• Improvement of your body’s muscle function, muscle coordination and efficiency.
• No drugs, and with no side-effects.
• Painless and non-invasive.
• Customized treatment for your specific illness.
• It’s as easy as pressing Play and listening to 40 minutes of specially tuned audio track.
• Can be used with normal headphones, speakers, or special Bone Conductors.
• For optimal effect you need to use MeloCura Therapy for 2-4 weeks.

MeloCura Private App is now available for IOS Apple users

You can scan the code below and go directly to the app or press the link.
We now offer 1 month Free trial on all our treatments in the Improve app.

How to use MeloCura Frequency Therapy

You can listen to MeloCura Frequency Therapy anywhere and anytime. The best results are achieved by listening via bone conducters or headphones in a calm and relaxed state. We recommend that you listen to the entire treatment (30-40 min) once a day for 4 weeks, and that you listen with low volume. It is important to remember to drink plenty of water after each treatment.

For optimal effect you need to use MeloCura Therapy for 2-4 weeks.

WARNING: All MeloCura Treatments are tuned in special tuning. If you try to copy or record the MeloCura sound files tuning will automatically be changed removing the positive effects of the treatments and can also be directly damaging to use.


  • positive review  After having tried several online available toos without any real result I by incident found MeloCura on interenet looking for other tools to help me to releax and sleep more. I have used MeloCura modules for Sleep, Stress and Tension over 3 month with good result and very satisfied especially Sleep & Stress module. I use Sleep everyday, Stress during day when I find needed or time to get relaxed and Tension module during transport/driving. I like this that, the sounds do the magic and I dont need to listen or follow anything.

    Henrik Qvist Avatar Henrik Qvist
    2. December 2019

    positive review  Jeg har brugt MeloCura Main næsten hver morgen i over et år og oplever på min krop og i mit sind at denne frekvens komposition giver stort velbehag og er med til at skabe en balanceret hverdag 〰️

    Peter Wallevik Avatar Peter Wallevik
    6. April 2019
  • positive review  Jeg har brug TMeloCura mod stress og smerter og det har hjulpet meget på begge dele. Jeg bruger MeloCura hver dag nu og kan mærke mere balance og overskud i min daglig dag. Jeg kan varmt anbefale MeloCura

    Jonas Nielsen Avatar Jonas Nielsen
    31. August 2018

    positive review  Jeg har i perioder problemer med at sove, i de perioder er jeg rigtig glad for bruge MeloCuras sleep Det hjælper med til at forblive sovende hele natten , i stedet for mange afbrudte søvnperioder.

    Trine Nygaard Avatar Trine Nygaard
    9. April 2019
  • positive review  Jeg har brugt MeloCura i forbindelse med menstruationssmerter. Tidligere har jeg haft stærke menstruationskramper i starten af min menstruationsperiode og jeg har altid nægtede at spise smertestillende medicin. pga. bivirkninger. Med MeloCura PMS har jeg været fri for smerter så snart jeg har hørt PMS-Pakken og Jeg kan virkelig anbefale at bruge MeloCura hvis du lider af stærke menstruationssmerter.

    Nelli Isajan Sårde Avatar Nelli Isajan Sårde
    9. April 2019

    positive review  Jeg vil anbefale Melo Cura ud fra egne erfaringer og især ud fra oplevelser med vores dreng. Vores dreng kan have svært ved at lukke af i skolen ,og her har hørebøffer med Melo Cura haft en fantastisk positiv virkning. Han fordyber sig bedre ,og har faktisk præsteret bedre i en test i skolen med Melo Cura i ørene. Ligeledes høre han Melo Cura når han skal sove de dage hvor dagen måske har haft vel mange indtryk. Jeg selv lider af fibromylagi og jeg høre Melo Cura de dage hvor smerter eller træthed rammer allerværst i en 37+ timers arbejdsuge. Ofte vælger jeg at sove til frekvenserne. 👍🏻op herfra og 5⭐️

    Anja-Emilie Bech Borregaard Avatar Anja-Emilie Bech Borregaard
    30. May 2019
  • positive review  I was suffering from bad migraines for many years. I have now used MeloCura and my migraines completely disappeared. There is no doubt that MeloCura works and all the people I have recommended MeloCura to have all felt a significant positive effect and changes in their well being on different levels. I can warmly recommend MeloCura <3 Anat Shafir Mortensen

    Anat Shafir Mortensen Avatar Anat Shafir Mortensen
    24. October 2019

    positive review  Jeg har i næsten 2 år brugt MeloCura Sound Therapy stort set hver eneste dag. Udover det virker beroligende og afslappet, oplever jeg især at det fjerner både spændinger og reducerer smerter betragteligt! Jeg mærker forandringer bare efter 10-20 min.👍 I mit job som salgskonsulent med 40-50.000km om året på landevejen, bruger jeg dagligt MeloCura i bilen, og det gør bare en stor forskel! Er jeg træt, stresset eller har ondt, kører MeloCura i baggrunden, og på en fantastisk måde virker det bare, så mine smerter formindskes mens mit energi niveau bliver forhøjet. Jeg kan kun anbefale MeloCura! Prøv det og virker det ikke på dig, så har det helt sikkert været forsøget værd👍👍👍

    RJ Borregaard Avatar RJ Borregaard
    9. April 2019
  • positive review  I had a muskulatur overload in left arm I got accunpunkture and laser but heard about MeloCure and used that for 3-4 days and later again. During those 3-4 first days there was a remarkable improvement in the arm and after two weeks the arm is 90% ok. I am 70 years old but still active in showjumping and tennis on club level Niels Denmark

    Niels Rørdam Holm Avatar Niels Rørdam Holm
    12. June 2019

    positive review  Not normally a fan of alternative treatments, I completely surrender to the magic of MeloCura! It has helped our children with a wide range of issues from sleep disorders to PTSD. For me, it brings calmness and helps me to a better sleep. I recommend it to a college with an inflammatory disease and others with PTSD - even if it doesn’t have initial results, it brings almost meditative effects.

    Mette Miriam Bentow Avatar Mette Miriam Bentow
    1. November 2019
  • positive review  MeloCura is great for relaxing the mind and body! I highly recommend it.

    Adam Faitelson Larsen Avatar Adam Faitelson Larsen
    20. November 2019

    positive review  Jeg har rigtig stor glæde af lydbehandlinger fra MeloCura. Jeg har netop haft store smerter efter styrt på cyklen og brud på et par ribben, men har ikke en eneste gang haft behov for medicin eller andet smertelindring end MeloCura´s lydbehandling. Tak for det :)

    Søren Hindborg Avatar Søren Hindborg
    3. April 2019
  • positive review  Jeg har brugt MeloCura efter min ryg operation, det havde en utrolig smertelindrende virkning. Kan klart anbefales

    Vibeke Kjerside Mortensen Avatar Vibeke Kjerside Mortensen
    13. May 2019


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MeloCura Private App is now available for IOS Apple users

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