About MeloCura

MeloCura was founded in 2015 and consists of a network of specialists of doctors and neuro scientists, each with their solid experience, skills and scientific approach to the use of frequency therapy.

MeloCura collaborates with leading researchers and doctors at the University of Copenhagen and Seoul National University and we have developed a new and validated groundbreaking audio therapy supported by clinical evidence.

MeloCura has developed a unique formula / combination of frequencies and brain waves that create a strong healing solution.

We are a fact-based company that strives to develop products that can enhance the quality of life for the individual, which can provide a natural form of therapeutic relief that does not bear the risk of drug abuse or overdose in the user.

Our treatments show significant positive physiological improvements in just one treatment. MeloCura has developed a unique frequency chart of the body's organs and associated meridians. Based on this frequency diagram, MeloCura has created a unique formula that combines bodily frequencies that work simultaneously to balance and restore the brain and body.
MeloCura Frequency Therapy has achieved leading validated evidence as a highly effective treatment and we have helped many people get their lives back after many years of treatment with traditional drugs.

In collaboration with leading researchers, MeloCura Frequency Therapy can now offer frequency therapy that has not been available previously and which has validated evidence for its positive results.

MeloCura treatments are now being installed in hospitals, pain clinics, physical rehabilitation and palliative care facilities around the world giving natural relief, increasing recovery times, Well-being and higher life quality of patients on several levels. Even hospital employees are also using MeloCura for stress relief, better sleep and more.

MeloCura also offers frequency therapy solutions to hotels & spa facilities as part of a unique relief and healing experience package.

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