What Is Frequency Sound ?

Everything in our universe is vibration or sound waves. Sound consists of waves (oscillations) that push to the surrounding molecules (air, water, mass), which then pushes to the surrounding molecules.

Our universe is built on vibration. Sound and other energy frequencies are created by those vibrations through the air, which means our universe and our body are part of one enormous vibrating symphony. Sound is not just sound but vibrating energy. We already use that knowledge today, for example as radio waves, microwave, solar waves or medically using sound waves to repair DNA.

The basic principle of using frequencies as a therapy is that every little part of the body is in a state of vibration. Each organ, bone and tissue, vibrate with their own biological rhythm. When the biological rhythm is disrupted, disharmony on a cellular level occurs and that can result in disease. Therefore, frequencies from the surroundings have a great influence on our physical and mental state.

Your body is constantly exposed to negative frequencies from the environment that creates discord in the body. E.g. Disharmonic frequencies from computers, cell phones, microwaves, Wifi , food, water etc., all affect your body negatively and interferes with the body's natural hormonal frequency. Such frequencies will over a period of time affect the body negatively and result in serious imbalances and disease.

MeloCura has focused on creating a unique combination of positive frequencies that work simultaniously in healing and recovery. MeloCura frequency therapy ensures that the body is always balanced to the body's natural and hormonal frequencies.

We have performed several tests and studies with leading specialists and doctors globally. We have compared MeloCura Frequency Therapy to other audio products, and today we can show, perhaps the world's best evidence, that MeloCura Therapy has a significant positive effect on the body's balance and health. All our frequency treatments are tuned specially to fit the body´s own biological rythm and we combine different technologies. We also output our technology at the highest possible quality to retain efficacy. For example what you may find on eg Youtube is so highly compressed making them much less effective. Further most of them have no validation of effects or side-effects.

Our studies have concluded that just one treatment of MeloCura for 40 minutes is showing clear and significant improvements in muscle function, muscle coordination and efficiency. In contrast, Normal Relaxing Music had no proven effect on these same parameters.
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