Physical Rehabilitation Solutions

MeloCura has designed a unique combination of frequency treatments for physical rehabilitation. You may need this type of treatment for any condition that affects your nerves, muscles, bones, or brain and is causing you temporary or permanent disability.

From our studies we have shown clear and significant improvement in muscle functionality, muscle coordination and efficacy. This means that when using MeloCura with your normal exercise and program you will see a faster rehabilitation and recovery.

By using both bodily frequency diagram and brainwaves we assist the brain in sending the right recovery signals into the body resulting in significant physical improvements in just one treatment.

Conditions treated with physical therapy in the hospital.
Many conditions that cause pain or limit your ability to move normally may be helped by physical therapy. This type of rehab may be needed at the hospital before you go home or to an extended care facility.

MeloCura helps enhance the relief and healing process and contributes significantly to a faster healing and recovery process.
Our Frequency treatments are easy and simple to use. You only have to press play and relax.

MeloCura functions on a deeper level than normal relaxing music as it works via brain waves and bodily frequencies ensuring a positive physical improvement. This also means that MeloCura can create significant relief and well being via brain wave and frequency therapy on eg pain relief, tension relief, stress relief, Better Sleep and recovery

Contact us and we can tailor your Physical Rehabilitation Solution.

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