Solutions for Private User

MeloCura has created a monthly subscription system for the Frequency Therapy. Its very simple to use. All you have to do is to press the FREE DEMO and you will receive 1 month free demo on MeloCura Main all Balancing treatement with NO Bindigs and the Free Demo automatically expires after 1 month.

You can also choose one of the other Therapies below for that suits your condition.

How to get started!

To Access the other MeloCura Frequency Therapy, select the treatment you want below and follow the instructions....or.....
MeloCura Private App IMPROVE is now available for IOS Apple users.

You can scan the code below and go directly to the IMPROVE app or press the link. We now offer 1 month Free trial on all our treatments in the IMPROVE app.

We are working on the Android version also and this will be available very soon. If you are using Android you will still need to use our streaming services here on our website.   
MeloCura Frequency Therapy provides access to the following frequency therapy treatments:
NB: WARNING All MeloCura Audio Treatments are tuned in special tuning. If you try to copy or record the MeloCura sound files, the tuning will automatically be changed removing the positive effects of the treatments and can also be directly damaging to use.

Select Your Treatment

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