Tension Relief
19. April 2021
Muscle Recovery
19. April 2021

Pain Relief

$3.00 / month

SKU: 1510849902

Pain Relief – 40  minutes

MeloCura Pain Relief helps reduce painful physical ailments by stimulating cell reproduction and other physiological changes. In particular, this sound stream increases the production of hyaluronic acid (HLA), which helps to lubricate joints and relieves muscle and joint pain and inflammation.

MeloCura Pain Relief stimulates cellular repair, helping to increase overall bodily health and stamina. It reduces pain by utilizing ultra-low frequency waves pre-set to four main healing zones.

Our users have experienced relief from chronic pain, arthritis, muscle pain, Fibromyalgia, pain from bone and joint injuries; and much more.

MeloCura Pain Relief can be played several times a day if the pain is persistent.


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