MeloCura Frequency Therapy Scientific Publication
13. December 2018
Korean-Danish companies create innovative sound therapy solution based on neuro-science
Geomc, well known to Korean consumers for its MC Square and other neuro-science based products, has collaborated with Danish sound specialist AUDIOWISE for this new technology that effectively combines their respective strongpoints.

Combining Geomc’s neuro-science based technology and Audiowise Sound Frequency Treatment Technology, the new technology will be tested at Seoul National University’s research centers to provide empirical proof of effectiveness.

The Danish diplomat congratulated the companies on the successful collaboration, and said, “Denmark has a long history and competency in sound technology while Korea is one of the forerunners in innovative technology. It is a great pleasure that the Embassy could facilitate a partnership between these two specialists. This partnership is not only an interesting collaboration but one that has a big potential in the worldwide market.”

Geomc CEO Lim said, “This collaboration will lead to a strong synergy between our two companies – we have each developed our specialties and competencies in our respective sectors that we have brought together to work for the same goal. We will strive to develop products that can increase the quality of life for the modern man; products that can provide a more natural way of relief and therapy that does not carry the risk of drug misuse or overdoes in users.”

Audiowise CEO Jonniy Sårde said, “Following positive results in non-clinical testing, we are now looking to clinically certify this new technology so that our products will not be categorized as ‘alternative treatment’. I am certain it will result in a strong, interesting product that will surprise the world.”

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